Teruyuki Kurihara Artist Photo

Teruyuki Kurihara プロフィール





2009年、イギリス・ブリストルに拠点を置く優良エレクトロニックミュージックレーベル Four:Twenty からのリリースを皮切りに、国内外問わず楽曲をリリースする。






帰国後、ヨーロッパを拠点に置くレコードレーベル 「HOLIC TRAX – MONOKLO」 シリーズや優良なハウスミュージックをリリースし続ける国内レーベル「UNKNOWN season」のレコードジャケットのイラストを担当。


また「Re:birth Festival」「rural Festival」等で作品の展示やライブペインティングを行うなど音楽活動とともに、作家活動へも活躍の場を広げている。


2020年、ドイツの名門レーベルMille Plateauxよりフルアルバムをリリース。新たな表現へのアプローチを見せている。






Cherry aka Teruyuki Kurihara is a music producer and drawing artist from Japan born in 1979.

He started his solo project ‘Cherry’ mainly focused on electronic music in 2007 after experienced playing in some bands. Since his first EP ‘The Alex EP’ was released in 2009 from the label ‘Four:Twenty’ based in Bristol, he has released good music from home and abroad.

He spent his time in Australia, Thailand, England and Germany from 2012-2014 with playing his live set eagerly and that experience inspired him to start drawing.

We can describe his style as ’marvelous and elaborate lines in minimal design’. Soon curators in Berlin have started paying attention to his art and he had joined to some group exhibitions.

After coming back to Japan, he has drawn illustrations for the series ‘Monoklo’ of the label ‘Holic Trax’ running by Tomoki Tamura. In addition, he has exhibited and done live painting at some festivals like Re:birth and Rural, he has been expanding his artistic horizons including both music and drawing art.

In 2020, he will release a full-length album on the prestigious German label ‘Mille Plateaux’. It shows a new approach to expression.






而我這幅畫所想表現的是,在那擁有 妙平衡的線條下,再利用黑與白的色調來表現,在這 絕 樣的互相影響之下會有怎樣的結果,連我自已都想知道到底會出現什麼樣的世界觀。

在我的作品裡會感受到我想要表現目前這個世界的混亂的精神,但我真正希望的是,只要些 許的變化,便會有大大的改變,世界、以及宇宙都能朝向和平的方向前進。