Ambient For A Greener Planet

ニューヨークを拠点に活動するDynamo Tapesが企画する

地球の気候変動へ貢献を目的に制作されたチャリティーアルバム「Ambient For A Greener Planet」。








The climate impact on our planet is calling for action.

Concerned about this situation and aiming to contribute to climate change we’ve invited creative artists to gather together and create an album for a good cause.

All profits of this album will be donated to the Community Carbon Trees- an organization that has been providing valuable work for more than 10 years in the Costa Rican rainforest and now conducting another project in Kenya, Africa.
Their work includes protecting, re-foresting the area and educating people of all ages about how essential are trees for our planet’s sustainability.
(Please visit

All arrangements featured on this compilation belong to the respective copyright holders.

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Ambient For A Greener Planet 参加アーティスト・収録曲

Ambient For A Greener Planet
Ambient For A Greener Planet

1.PATRICIA WOLF – Montezuma Oropendola 04:40
2.AMULETS – Among The Giant Trees 04:33
3.IDRA – Tomorrow We’ll Still Be Us 04:20
4.FAHMI MURSYID – Hijau 04:04
5.BLANK EMBRACE – Edges Of The Wind 04:46
6.CHRIS RANDALL – Ingentimusa 04:18
7.ALL INDIA RADIO – Home (SLO Remix) 03:27
8.MONOLOGUE – Foglia (Ossessione Rwrk) 05:00
9.TERUYUKI KURIHARA – More Tree 04:58
10.VINCENT LIGNY – Movement 04:22

Ambient For A Greener Planet Bandcamp

収録曲「More Tree」ミュージックビデオ


先日、参加したチャリティーアルバム“Ambient For A Greener Planet”に収録されている曲と動画です。
Dynamo Tapesのアカウントでは、今回アルバムに収録されているすべての曲が動画とともにアップされるようなのでぜひチェックしてみてください。



Ambient For A Greener Planet カセットテープ版リリース!

Ambient For A Greener Planet1
Ambient For A Greener Planet2
Ambient For A Greener Planet3
Ambient For A Greener Planetが「カセットテープ」でもリリースされました!




こちらの売り上げもすべてCommunity Carbon Treesに寄付されるそうです。


“Ambient For A Greener Planet” is now available on an exclusive cassette edition that includes a plantable card!! 🌱
It is a biodegradable eco-paper made with post-consumer materials and embedded with seeds (wildflowers).
When the paper is planted in a pot of soil, the seeds grow and the paper composts away 🌱
We put extra effort and love into this release!
Cassettes and cards were hand-stamped.
Tape pro-dubbed in real time.
All profits will be donated to Community Carbon Trees, an organization dedicated to planting and nurturing trees.
Thanks again to all artists and contributors for their support!

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from NY2019年12月7日追記
What a wonderful day! A present arrived from NY! Thank you so much, Dynamo tapes! I treasure it.

先日参加したコンピレーション “Ambient For A Greener Planet” のカセットテープが届きました!

Dynamo tapes ありがとう!種子の埋め込まれたカード、大事に植えます。